HORIZONT R&D Center took part in the Russian–Belarusian “West 2013” Military Exercise

Being engaged in R&D and production of shooting range equipment and on-board indication systems for aviation HORIZONT R&D Center took part in strategic military exercise “West 2013” held by Russian and Belarusian armed forces on the 20th-26th of September.The exercises are among the most important regular activities of the Belarusian and Russian armies, and have been organized every other year since 2009 on the territory of both countries. The 2011 “Union Shield” series of exercises took place on Russian military ranges, while “West 2013” was mainly conducted in Belarus.

HORIZONT R&D Center demonstrated its pilot products such as heavy target hoist and medium target hoist and repair pack for shooting range equipment. The presented items aroused high interest among the observers, especially with Bulgarian companies’ representatives.

Other enterprises of Belarusian armament industry demonstrated the latest developments which received practical approval during joint strategic exercises. They are a remotely guided ground combat vehicle system called the “Adunok”, modern communications and navigation systems, developments of OJSC “Design bureau “Display”.  

During the manoeuvres, about 70 tanks, 60 aircraft and helicopters, multiple rocket launcher systems, 10 ships of the Baltic Fleet and about 250 pieces of other military equipment were used. About 12,000 Russian servicemen took part in joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus. Besides, servicemen from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan participated in the event under Rapid Reaction Military Force’s exercises of Collective Security Treaty “Interaction 2013”.