Light target hoist PLM-222

Light target hoist PLM-222

Light target hoist PLM-222

Lightweight  target hoist PLM-222 is designed for automatic exposure of lightweight targets (lifting and lowering) during range practices with the use of small arms, combat and special-purpose machines.

PLM-222 allows shooting at appearing targets and can be used individually or together with other equipment on an unprepared field, anywhere on shooting ranges, tank mean lines of fire, infantry fighting vehicles, fire camps.

Power supply: AC  100-230 V, 50 Hz or 12 V external accumulator. 

Lifting angle: 90 ±3 gr

Lifting time: ≤ 5 sec.

Lowering time: ≤ 5 sec.

Control: over interface RS485 or radio channel.

Load torque on the rotary shaft: 100nm

Size (without ACC): 560mm X 300mm X 220

Weight: ≤ 20 kg