HORIZONT Research and Development Center is part of Horizont Group and is a separate legal entity.

In 1959 a special design bureau was founded on the basis of Minsk radio manufacturing plant. Later, on the bureau basis, Minsk Research Institute was established as part of production association “Horizont” (1991).

50-year experience in the field of radio receiving equipment, television engineering, digital and special technology ensured the leading position in radio electronics development and technology within CIS. The transfer of the accrued experience and best practices allow us to turn cutting-edge technologies into real products year by year.

Today HORIZONT R&D Center is a diversified enterprise which also comprises pilot production area and certified test center.

The number of employees amounts to 280 high-qualified specialists. The majority are specialists representing scientific and technological capabilities of the enterprise. State-of-the-art manufacturing and development methods ensure high quality of our products which is of utmost importance for us.  The performance of HORIZONT R&D Center’s team has allowed our company to reach and maintain a certain technological and manufacturing level, complying with international standards.

 The main business activities are: